Microsoft Connected Cache Program

Microsoft Connected Cache (MCC) preview is a software-only caching solution that delivers Microsoft content within ISP networks. MCC can be deployed to as many bare-metal servers or VMs as needed and is managed from a cloud portal. Microsoft cloud services handle routing of consumer devices to the cache server for content downloads.

Microsoft Connected Cache is a Hybrid (mix of on-prem and cloud resources) solution composed of a Docker compatible Linux container deployed to your server and a cloud management portal. Microsoft chose Azure IoT Edge (more information on IoT Edge in the appendix) as a secure and reliable control plane, and even though your scenario is not related to IoT, Azure IoT Edge is our secure Linux container deployment and management infrastructure. Azure IoT Edge consists of three components that the Microsoft Connected Cache infrastructure will utilize:

  • A cloud-based interface that enables secure, remote installation, monitoring, and management of Microsoft Connected Cache nodes.
  • A runtime that securely manages the modules deployed to each device.
  • Modules/containers that run the Microsoft Connected Cache functionality on your device.

If you are an Internet Service Provider and would like to find out more information about the program or express interest in it, please take this survey: Onboarding Survey for ISPs. If you have any questions, please email us at

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